Second Meeting With Michetti

Well, dear friends s frustrated after group insurance 2 meetings, we meet again on Tuesday, March 3 dental insurance with the Graduate Gabriela Michetti, vice head of government of Buenos Aires. Once again with different colleagues at the hospital, Silvina Gonzalez, Guillermo Muniz, Eduardo Knorre, Daniel health plan Pisciotano, Alberto Trimboli, Jorge, Mariela and I, we met again as insurance the only hospital that carries health out this type of meeting. But the health minister and union leaders, only one group of employees with the Executive GCBA. a nationwide provider of health insurance, has insurance solutions to meet your challenges Not certain whether this will be good or bad, but it opens a channel of dialogue inedito. After a rapid exchange of information received as a conclusion to date is the completion of the analysis of the census conducted by the government and unofficial way ahead told us that administrative irregularities were: recovery of salary officers dead and over 80 years, agents that did not renew the card Moderban 3 months ago, and so on. Saying this way that can benefit sanearian accounts. While this is excellent, also seems insufficient. We do not see yet is the cause of the delay of appointment. The staff informed us that there is a strong commitment to appoint all agents bankrupt until 2007. Again I say I find it insufficient. So we would be reaching a very low floor. We returned to say it’s useless without opening a term therapy aparatologia and unmanned. After a pleasant little interruption by a phone call from his son, demonstrating on 8 March once again, the laudable task of working women. Once again, in my opinion slid a review or a concept saying it’s health plans unfortunate outrageous original 33 public hospitals in a city. I think that, like the opinion that lack municipal worker more than the private insurance companies sphere marks a pre-trial and a state healthcare policy feature. The right thought that believes it is best to shrink the state, outsourcing services, privatizing and let go of obligations. Well, in the meantime we will continue with these meetings with the ambiguous feeling which combines the medical insurance excitement of being the only hospital he has meetings with CABA and skepticism to know that dealing with politicians who have always promised something but not fulfilled.