Avoiding the shortage you probably has read countless tips to attract prosperity and abundance in your life, but it is also important to have a clear understanding of the thoughts and activities that create conditions of scarcity so you can avoid them safely! A_continuacion you will find 5 common habits that create shortages, along with effective solutions to change them: 1) no sufficient! Do you often say constantly not enough in your life? Do you feel as if you never have enough money, time, resources, happiness or anything else? This mentality can be incredibly destructive, because the more invested their energy in the belief of there is sufficient, the universe just send what you are decreeing. Therefore, this has to be fully invested with the belief that you always have more than enough of what you need or want to. Start saying this every day, over and over again as often as you remember from do it. Be sure to do so especially when you are worried or feel that you don’t have enough. The stronger their belief that always have more than enough, you will more quickly notice a changes. (2) Create a routine of inertia.

Another important contributor to the shortage is inertia. Scarcity creates a generalized feeling of impotence, which can quickly turn into paralysis. You want to make positive changes, but you don’t know how, or simply does not believe that you can do something good by what they decide to do nothing. Unfortunately, this only makes make your condition worse. And it will continue to worsen. Change all this is as simple as changing channels on TV.. .

TAKE ACTION! Action is equal to empowerment. Time to take a step forward, breaks the illusion of impotence and paralysis. What type of action should be taken? The more powerful will be actions that can help to attract abundance and prosperity in your life, like asking for a promotion or increase of salary in work, the implementation of a better job, or even taking a part-time job on a temporary basis.