Sales Director Security

The companies have broader security requirements to the service providers than it was two years ago today when the ERP application hosting. Karlsruhe, January 16, 2008 however should produce as no significantly higher costs the increase in the security services according to the user, has determined the Karlsruhe-ORGA GmbH in a survey among 341 medium-sized and large companies. The survey according to 31 percent of companies would confront in a hosting decision today the IT service provider with higher security needs as some time ago. Another 43 percent have slightly increased claims, while one-third of the companies in the last two years no change resulting. Mostly, users that want to pay but not more money, because they believe that a next among developed level of safety the obvious performance obligations of the hosting service provider. This position represents half of the IT executives questioned. Every fourth would be but ready for a Value added security to accept higher costs in an appropriate order of magnitude.

A third access for only slightly deeper in the Pocket. The increasing security demands of the company are more than justified, because technical errors can lead to known significant economic consequences\”judge Hermann Tschierschke, Sales Director of ORGA. He derives above all a challenge to the self understanding of service providers from the position of the company, that they would spend not necessarily more money. High security is not a luxury, but must be an integral part of the hosting service basically.\” However, he knows from practice, that security is a very elastic term. Often the differences between security services on a maximum technically high level and nebulous promises of security only in a technically very sophisticated comparison or even only in the fine print of the terms and conditions can be found\”, criticized Tan. These have \”the customer entitled to he that unkaputtbare\” data center quite naturally included get.