RKI Fabric

Antimicrobial-coated shower curtains offer security for Pantienten in his demands on hygiene in the medical care of immuno-compromised patients”by August 2010, the Robert-Koch Institute recommends various preventive measures to avoid infection. So advises the RKI, inter alia, to avoid the use of shower curtains, because this could be a reservoir for mildew and bio-film-forming bacteria and had only very laboriously disinfectant to clean. In addition, sink with a Splash Guard should be shielded so that it could come to a contamination of the environment with water spray. Also pillows and duvets and mattresses or seat covers with each change of patient can be disinfected. Depending on the clinic facilities, these recommendations clearly have their permission. Read more here: Joey King. Given the availability of virus-proof and equipped anti-microbial fabric, but also alternatives to the RKI recommendation opens. Due to the ease of use, they are not only in regard to Patient well-being but also extremely interesting (labour) economic point of view.

A novel textile microfibre allows the long-lasting antimicrobial equipment of shower curtains of manufacturer GEFA hygiene systems. Mildew, black staining and mold a thing of the past. In addition, not diffusing the material, is anti-microbial and dermatologically tested and arsenic, heavy metals and phenol-free. The waterproof according to DIN, light – and friction real fabric can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius. The manufacturer guarantees the anti-microbial effect for 58 washes a resistance that corresponds to a monthly wash of a shelf-life of almost five years. The material is suitable also for the production of splash. After all, what good is a splash when he in turn becomes the Lair for agents? Bedding and mattresses can be efficiently protected against the entry of pathogens with hygiene protective covers from GEFATEX. Although the high-tech fabric is impermeable to even against norovirus and MRSA, but not at the expense of comfort.

GEFATEX is breathable, so the patient must not sweat, it is PVC free, not rustling and it doesn’t smell. The highly robust material should be cleaned by means of simple disinfection and is washable and suitable for the VDV Chamber (up to 105 C) and dryer (up to 120 C) to 95 C. Thanks to our own in Germany-based production, the Grafschafter manufacturer GEFA hygiene systems can all sizes and cuts in consistently high quality supply.