To promote tourism in Ibiza this year will develop program Ibiza open throughout the year, which will attempt to achieve a sporting city. This city also has the popular hippy market of Las Dalias or agrotourism centres. This is one of the most tourist spots in Spain. For the presentation of this programme participated a lot of celebrities from athletes, singers, through to political figures, among others. The beaches of Ibiza are characterized by being spacious and having a clear sand and the sea is transparent. This is a familiar tourist spot, also boasts a wide range of activities for greater enjoyment by tourists. In addition a small town called Sant Vicent, which has a church built in 1838 and took 11 years its construction, one of the main reasons that take this time is that the population from that was then very little and at the same time lacked the necessary resources. The gastronomy of this widely developed and is mainly oriented to the Tourism, by what most restaurants provide great added value.

There are very few places in the world where this market is so developed, in Ibiza you can eat in the sand or have a romantic dinner or in the shade of a Renaissance wall, among other great experiences. Ibiza hotels offer an ample hotel capacity and varied experience, like the restaurants, there is a great diversity of these and highlights both the Ibiza hotel Beach, as hotels with very luxury thematic or own casinos. Another one of the main attractions of Ibiza is your people who are polite and pleasant to providing comfort and a pleasant experience to tourists so they can enjoy their holidays in a comprehensive manner and to experience a variety of activities.