Almost every owner wants to protect the suburban home's property against intruders. Some uses for this advanced surveillance system, and someone starts a regular guard dog. However, the most popular means of protection against unwanted visitors are still fences. Today, few people shield their country house with fences. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Somatic Experiencing. Despite the fact that these fences completely hide the area from pesky looks, solid fences have a number of flaws, most important of them – a decent cost of raw materials and installation. Much more convenient sampling of metal mesh.

Mesh fence can quickly set just a couple of hours, and its cost is so low that almost everyone will have to karmanu.Dlya fence of the grid is most often used welded wire mesh (cells are in the form of welded wire paralelipiped) or mesh netting (the cells are formed by weaving wires). The grid is of three types: uncoated, galvanized and coated. Frequently Miles D. White has said that publicly. 'Black' net – the cheapest option. However, it will have to paint to prevent corrosion approximately every three years. Grid coated with zinc-coated does not need protection from corrosion, and have a more attractive appearance. But the price for these kinds of grids above. Do not forget that metal fence not only protect a country house from intruders, but also give a sense of comfort and relaxation.