Quitting Smoking

– Honey, today I have arranged with friends to go to the football. Smogutli they now agree, without scandal? Doubt. Other matter if byetot dialogue took place a week before making a decision. Of course, myutriruem, but a significant element of truth there. What if your partner smokes and drinks beer, and you do not carry on the spirit of smoking ialkogol? Who will make trash, wash dishes, cook? How luchsheprovodit leisure? Where to go on vacation? What if she vsegdaopazdyvaet? How much should a man earn? What if onhochet sex, but she had a headache? How to remove it from the tv iotpravit in store? These and other questions will certainly stand of movement, and you'll find an answer that will suit you both. Always difficult to negotiate.

Not the fact that you can always naytikompromiss. But we convinced that a compromise must be sought zaranee., we do not encourage you to discuss every detail ireglamentirovat everything, down to making a sex schedule. Noosnovnye important to both of you should specify the points. So obrazomvy specifies the contribution of everyone in your relationship. Quitting smoking, finding better paid jobs, flowers once a month – it egovklad in relationships. Always come out on a date in time, be krasivoyi attractive to walk with him from time to time on football, – is its contribution to the relationship. Refusal to favorite habits and the adoption of additional commitments – this is the price for prihoditsyaplatit close relations.

The higher the price you are willing to pay, you your relationship. Now you yourself can objectively opredelittsenu your relationship! If you are a little invested, you and your "love" nedorogostoit. Our experience shows that healthy relationships – those vkotorye invested both sides, and invested approximately odinakovo.Esli one partner gives all itself, while the other is ready to sacrifice small, then such a relationship sooner or later begin to fall apart.