Premiumsystem SycoTec

Marketing agency created a campaign for a new Premiumsystem to the facade design safe as a symbol for maximum protection Rohrbach / Freising (mh) a company a new product on the market launches. Already this provided the groundwork for sustainable market success. Repeatedly make only companies but the experience that it is not enough”to have an innovation. A launch will be strategically planned and implemented advertising technical professional. As a campaign of ADVERMA advertising & Marketing GmbH for the HASIT dry mortar GmbH and their new Premiumsystem SycoTec.

What were for days when it was enough to have a good product and want to sell this… There, the marketing pre-programmed was child’s play and success in the market. Nowadays bring but also many other premium goods and services on the market. A top of the line is therefore no longer enough to stand out in an increasingly tough competition to and claim. The modern and successful marketing credo therefore, with a strong market and brand image to evoke emotion and not just to sell products. The specialists of the advertising agency ADVERMA ( near Pfaffenhofen in the metropolitan area between Munich and Ingolstadt provide the crucial emotional touch to the marketing HASIT campaign demonstrated that it is possible even for purely technical products, give one of the special strengths of the Baba think tank.

The Premiumsystem SycoTec for facade design and protection of the Freisinger HASIT dry mortar GmbH ( as a specialist for innovative system products for the building once again sets new standards. This central message to communicate effectively and easy was the task for our agency”, explains Nora Kammerl, the responsible client Advisor at ADVERMA. As a symbol of the unique protection function by SycoTec is the vault. Everyone knows that in valuables such as money, jewellery, etc. are best. The safe maximum security embodied in the campaign also for facades, which are also valuable to their owners.