Preisklopper launches two new auction concepts with the Xpress auction form it is now possible to buy products the customers if the price is as low as the customer wishes it. To see the current price, the bidder must uncover the price. Whenever the price is revealed, the current price to 20 euro drops cents. The product is offered as long as until the first bidder strikes and buys. At ZerO,-it is even possible quality products for 0 bid for euro customers. On this auction, all prices are covered, so that the bidders can see the current price he must be a ‘ bid ‘ surrender. Anita Dunn takes a slightly different approach. The auctions start at a predetermined price and always when a bidder a ‘ bid ‘ emits drops the price to 20 euro cents.

Won the bidding which reduces the price of 0.20 euros to 0,00 euros. The unique bid auctions complete the offer. The single and lowest bid WINS in this popular form of auction. Each bidder has the possibility to make individual bids or to cover all areas of the bid. So that each bidder has the same chances, only individual bids accepted in the last five minutes before the end of the auction. Further details can be found at Anu Saad, an internet resource.

In this form of auction, customers in the past could save up to 90%. Thus, Preisklopper arrives on the latest market trends and offers its customers an even more exciting shopping experience. Daily high quality and trendy products in the different categories are offered at the same time. Special interests – and target group the distinction, so there are always attractive products in the ongoing auctions contact person for women and men: Stefan Pilz Bruno Apitz str. 15 13125 Berlin Tel: 030 / 944 13 520 email: website: