The roots of most cacti are weakly developed. Therefore, they do not need a big dish. If the bowl is large, the roots do not master the whole earth, and there is a risk of excess zakisaniya land that may be detrimental to the cactus. And delicate roots, which are formed mainly in the walls of the pot, "freeze." Plastic pots are easy by the fact that they make a square: they can be put close to one another and save a lot of places (not least circumstance for every collector.) The earth in pots, placed close to each other, retains moisture longer. New clay pots before use soak for a few hours old – carefully wash and brush warm water. 3-5 days before transplanting cacti stop water to earth and the earth dried up com easily separated from the roots.

Bottom hole pot shard close to the bottom lay drainage – pieces of charcoal fragments. Land sprinkled hill, laid out on it, smoothing the roots of a cactus. With one hand hold the plant and the other to pour the ground, knead the ground in any case can not be tapped in a pot on the table is compacted soil and cactus sits down. Poured from the top layer of sand (at 1 to 1.5 cm), and right up to the root collar plant – a bit of crushed charcoal. This prevents the stem from rotting cactus. After the transplant, cactus put in the shade and watered for three days, because at the time of transplant could be hurt the roots.