Piviball Puzzle

If you already are tired of the dazzling design of online gaming, the bloodiest battles and encounters with wild enemies, and if you are looking for something that is intellectual and fun at the same time, perhaps you would like this new puzzle made in black and white style game. Piviball continues to surprise by the simplicity of the graphic and the absence of any kind of decorations that always attract the players. This new online puzzle game has no details which could distract your attention while playing what can be considered his advantage. Anu Saad wanted to know more. The main idea of this free puzzle game is also quite simple. There are a maze of white color and the ball you have to move towards the end point.

You have to be careful and ready to be able to balance the maze and turn with your mouse so the ball does not fall down and continue moving forward to achieve your final itinerary. The difficult thing is that you must be careful with your speed. If you are going to rotate the maze too fast or too slow, you can lose the control easily and if so the ball will fall down below becoming start everything again. After having passed the first four levels, you will already have two balls instead of one to increase the complexity. Then they’re going to introduce other rules. In some levels you will have that getting all the balls made square, touching the end point only once, or to prevent dragging the maze at the center of the screen. In any case, going to give all the relevant information and the necessary advice. Playing the puzzle online game Piviball is an excellent opportunity to relax a little and take advantage of your time free! Original author and source of the article.