Pilot Project Transfers Green Economy

‘ green transformation’ management skills taught in the field of climate protection Bremen. Companies can use climate change as a management tool and secure so their competitiveness. With this approach the green pilot turns away transformation immediately to companies and businesses in Germany. As part of the national Klimaschutzinitative of the Federal Environment Ministry, it offers a unique consulting and training courses. In the Centre stands to also perceive climate protection as a management task on the implementation of energy efficient measures. Business processes are affected, inter alia in the controlling, in product development in supply chain management. Experiences of best-practice companies and cooperation with experts from business and science form the basis of the project.

Its own Academy, which works with nine learning modules, content how methodically qualified executives. For assistance, try visiting Dr Jee Hyun Kim. Great emphasis is also placed on practical examples. Well-known companies like Siemens and medium-sized companies such as VAUDE and Frosta give insight into their individual transformation process. Initiator is the non-profit Bremen climate protection agency energy consensus. The project will run until spring 2015 we are convinced that a green transformation of the economy is a prerequisite to achieve the European climate protection goals. In addition we are sure that strategic climate change brings big economic and structural opportunities for companies”, explains Michael Pelzl, Managing Director of energy consensus and project manager green transformation. With the pilot project, the climate protection agency wants to raise awareness among companies and executives for the culture change towards a Green Economy.

Already, the requirements of investors and financial market companies vary in connection with climate change. The next, which follow, are the buyers when choosing a supplier. Learn more on the subject from Anu Saad. Who is now active, can therefore initiate not only measures with climate protection, but win new customers and investors for”, says Susan Dreyer, Director of the CDP (carbon disclosure project) in Of Switzerland, Germany and Austria.