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Animal therapists, physiotherapists and osteopaths there are many, but these therapists are also qualified to lay hand on your horse? Easter Munich / Bavaria – the alternative natural remedies, such as Tierosteopatie, animal physical therapy, animal psychology, as well as supportive therapies are currently popularity, what is not least due to their therapeutic success. In-depth knowledge of animal practitioner, animal physiotherapists, animal Homeopaths, Tierosteopathen, horses/small animal mistreatment and dog, horse, animal behavior therapists in theory and practice, however, are an essential prerequisite. Just behind the term animal physiotherapy hides a multitude of different types of therapy, which all have one thing in common. It disturbed body parts or functions handled in their function only by be irritable, manipulative or regulatory applications. These include therapies including manual therapies (massage, stretching, lymphatic drainage, techniques of osteopathy); Hydrotherapy (water treatments); Electrotherapy (laser therapy, magnetotherapy, ultrasound, muscle stimulator, TENS) and movement therapy (training, gymnastics). Animal physiotherapist often combined the physiotherapeutic treatment options with the energetic therapy, acupressure and acupuncture, to achieve a faster and more stable therapy success. The practice of animal naturopathy is subject to the reservation of any permission and may be exercised without government authorization. Certain laws give the activity but a framework that should be noted.

Therefore, anyone who feels called to the animal therapists, or means to be called, can learn the basics about this profession in a few weekend seminars. Animals, in particular horses, which promise to significantly more business after this animal therapists will be completion of the seminars”, which have often not sufficient qualification, let loose. With some of the devastating health consequences for the horse. As the Horse Whisperer Jorg Hiltwein, (certified and qualified physiotherapist and osteopath in an interview revealed. it is always scary, if I have to say that due to incorrect diagnoses and treatment methods of the musculoskeletal system of the animal is more affected than previously, so Hiltwein.) That this fact will lead not only to more pain and possible permanent damage can, but is also linked to some significant extra costs for the treatment here is obvious. It’s an accusation to make, since the necessary skills and experience can result only from a sound education is by no means a this crash course therapist.

Furthermore, it is to mention that not all who were trained through seminars with the therapist, to throw into a pot. The voices of many years, qualified therapists are increasingly louder, that the pursuit of therapeutic activities will basically too easy. This is urgently needed a corresponding legal basis, a State Training vorrausetzt. Not only to warranty direct, the treatments carried out by competent professional therapists are, but also to the pet owners the opportunity to provide to ensure that appropriate certificates from the competence and qualification of the individual therapists. The animal-therapeutic work is an important complement to conventional medicine and has demonstrated its raison d ‘ etre as a result of past successes. So convince yourself in the future of the professional competence of their therapists. Your pet will thank you. Contact: ZAROnews Antony Zettl ham Lake 7A 6330 Kufstein email: home: