Physiology Force

Dr. Alexis Carrel (1873-1944), Nobel Prize in medicine and Physiology (1912) and famous man, this unknown author wrote with respect to the matter that it encourages souls: prayer is () the shape of most powerful energy that man is capable of generating. It’s as real as the Earth’s gravity force. As a doctor I have seen patients that after having tried other therapeutic means, without result, they managed to free themselves of melancholy and disease, through the serene effort of prayer. It is this, in the world, the only force that seems able to overcome the so-called laws of nature. There are many people who are limited to see in prayer () a haven for the shy, or just a requested child motivated by the desire for material things. Conceived in these terms is belittling it wrongly.

() Said Emerson (1803-1882) nobody ever prayed without that you have learned something. () The deepest wellspring of power and perfection that is within our reach has been miserably abandoned. () If the force of prayer was put into action in the lives of men and women; If the spirit to proclaim their intentions clearly, invictamente, there would be confidence then that are not in vain our desires for a better world. Watch that no cite opinion no zany Mystic, but a respected man of science. Anyone who suffers, since the Hut to the Palace, with security already had the opportunity to check that reality.

Independence from the pain with a strong heart is only achieved. It is not so, Dona Rosalina? * Caritas Psicografiada prayer on Christmas night, December 25, 1873, by Madame w. Krell, in Bordeaux (France), dictated by the spirit called Caritas, and published in Rayonnements de la Vie Spirituelle.