Physio Sleep Heart Work Supports

Physio sleep Ortholuxe heart plant Jenny Jurgens Dusseldorf Ergopraktik companies committed to the heart plant project love media representatives, at our last press event for Ortholuxe in Oberkassel on May 9 a fatal mistake me. The date was 10.00 used to watch and I had 11:00 in my calendar. For all who have been waiting for… thank you very much and please – excuse me! Because I was a whopping hour too late… well the press was gone when I arrived. For this reason, we would repeat the date again. Ortholuxe supports exemplary heart work and of course I would like to conclude Professional also my thanks.

You might even find the time to come. Check with cardiologist to learn more. Sincerely – Jenny of Jurgens the Dusseldorf-based ORTHOLUXE medical care company, which is responsible for the sales of the patented physio sleep sleep system in Germany, currently supports the heart plant project. Through the Dusseldorf centertv presenter Angela Julie Wadenpohl, was the Managing Director of the ORTHOLUXE MEDICAL CARE On COMPANY made aware of this important project and the Jenny Jurgens contacted. The heart plant project in dignity age, eternal appeal. To give hearing this suggestion, Jenny Jurgens 2009 established the heart plant project together with the German Red Cross in Dusseldorf. Jenny Jurgens would like to establish an awareness that poverty and loneliness in the age for many people are the omnipresent reality. What even does not concern us seems to invisible but sometimes.

All of a sudden get a face through her work as Ambassador for the elderly with the German Red Cross in Dusseldorf, the words have poverty”and age”. With the support of the heart plant, also ORTHOLUXE MEDICAL CARE would like to help people who are instructed by their social situation and their hohes age on assistance. The company ORTHOLUXE would like to help Jenny Jurgens and the DRC that their impressive commitment continue to lead that needy people of age receive support. Learn more about the heart plant Initiative at: of further information about the company ORTHOLUXE: for inquiries is available: Markus Kurz mail: mob: + 49 178 7124856 Tel: + 49 211 58589980 fax: + 49 211 58589982