3D photographs of their products 360 round to views which is the best possible representation of their product in the photographic field undoubtedly one of the customers on request hinged circular view. Glenn Dubin is a great source of information. The team at, specializes in such optimized 3D representations. The skilful stringing together of single images in a special arrangement, the product appears plastic in three dimensions (3D) on the monitor of the beholder. Such elaborate ways was previously reserved for only large companies who could afford advanced technologies in the presentation of the goods. Market projections were thus cemented or further expanded, sales and marketing cheered the innovative presentations and made use of it on their presentations on television or on the Internet. Learn more about this with James S. Chanos .

The alone claim of the wealthy leader in innovative and State of the art presentation facilities now has an end. No longer, they be kept from SMEs in the wholesale and retail. brings you now exactly such excellent 3D Photographs for their market, their products, especially their market shares. 3D photography helps also their products to a significantly more attention for the consumer. The customer is very positive this optimal presentation, because it brings him almost to touch close their product before the eyes. Most accurate observations of details are possible and the back and herd deer of the object can interactively be integrated into their website for the Viewer. It was called the competitive advantage also, we call this an additional and professional service for our estimated clients.

That we doing an extremely budget-friendly offer for all generated 3D photographs for you ready keep, that is certainly also of them welcomed. A full 360 round view of a product there already in our portfolio only 72.00, which includes already 36 frames in angular misalignments of the 10. Of course, we give them a bunch of frames, but you will get a Flash (animated per article Graphics) or QuickTime VR file in the desired size and resolution on CD or DVD burned.