Patagonia Requests

An unexpected protest against the project of the River Cuervo in the fjord dam Aysen performed about 80 people in Zug, Switzerland town where Xstrata (mining owner society which promotes the initiative, energy Austral) has its head office, on 12 October, date marking the beginning of the colonization of America by European Nations. The March formed part of mobilization which materialized in order to visualize problems living diverse communities of territories of the third world (particularly in Colombia and Chile) product of various projects that carry forward Xstrata in that city and his countryman Glencore at the demonstration also participated of the Canton of Zug Berti Zeiter Deputy, who said on the occasion that will affect in a committed manner so that the Group of the Greens in the Parliament in which involved support the demands and requests of people who came to demand their rights in front of both multinational. As reported by Beatriz Morice, Chilean living in Switzerland and that He led the process on behalf of the Civic Coalition lifetime Aysen Reserva de, two Xstrata officials listened to the representatives of Chile and Colombia for half an hour, time in which didn’t reply nor any opportunity to realize commitments against the requests and exposed concerns. What did, explained, was that he is managed the materialization in the future in a meeting with executives of both companies in London. The central objective of this vigorous but peaceful demonstration was openly support requests of 4 indigenous envoys afro descendants, and local communities in South America to establish direct contact with officials from the companies said rather, who raised the need to materialize the return of the rivers to the ayseninos and the immediate arrest of the launching of mega hydroelectric project on the River Raven in relation to threats to Patagonia, at the time that delivered a letter from the regional organizations aimed at executives of the company where asked aborted initiative by high environmental, social and economic impacts that would generate to Patagonia and its people. Morice group of Swiss organizations that have supported the demands of those affected by the implementation of Glencore and Xstrata projects in their territories showed special attention to the follow-up of these cases and particularly to the protection of the South American representatives, who have even come to suffer threats and warnings to stop its complaints process, it reported..