Are you following the trail to the future tablets from HP? Therefore attentive because we have new data. If a tablet that could be called PalmPad and the approximate date of the first quarter of 2011 for its launch a few months ago came to light, today the PalmPad name has returned to sonar in a call from Todd Bradley. In it he would escape him (or dropped) that they had more than 200 people working on Palm and a WebOS-based tablet would come at the beginning of the coming year. It seems that what he says not gives rise to doubts and they are willing to monetize the purchase of Palm in its future devices. Taking into account that in his latest statements they said that HP will not copy to Apple, it balances quite this movement. I mean, on the one hand we have the HP Slate with Windows 7 that, aside from the exact departure date, it seems that indeed we will see her soon. On the other hand would with WebOS Palmpad, i.e. HP would be offering both a more powerful tablet as one that could more similar setr to iPad, but only as to include a mobile system. There will expect to see that they offer us the tablets from HP, if they can compete with the rest, if they won’t too late heading and, above all, the pull which has WebOS 2.0 and its application for tablets store.