Rub with a dry cloth gently to remove him moisture and place the jewelry to dry between two sheets of paper towel for several minutes. Use could also a mixture of alcohol and SOAP filled scouring pad to clean parts. Alcohol works very well as a disinfectant but is not the best thing to remove dirty hard nor support get more brightness to the stones. Ethnic or artisan jewelry should be cleaned by taking into account the material of which this made. The accounts of ceramics can be cleaned with a mixture of SOAP for mild dish detergent, like Dove or Palmolive, and a stick of cotton, which are used to clean the ears. Dissolve equal amounts of water and SOAP and you are testing by pressing a little of the mixture with the cotton on the workpiece. Do not immerse the piece into the mixture, and try not to wet the threads connecting it.

For glass or glass parts, make a mixture of equal part water and ammonia and wipe with a cloth or soft brush. Jewelry made of seeds, snails, or materials organicoses better not clean them well These materials beautify with dirty or skating escaping them to pass the time. Sometimes all they need is a good bath in the sea to be cleaned as with jewelry of aluminum, which in addition to being recyclable perfectly cleansed with a sambullida on the beach. It doesn’t work with painted or anodized aluminium. Use a dry cloth to dry thoroughly. Painted jewelry is best for cleaning wipe with a dry cloth to remove dust and dirt, and use a little vinegar in a dry sponge to pick up any other hidden dirty. To highlight the brightness of silver, smoother use of silver jewelry, the is not abrasive. Use with a dry cloth and rub on the workpiece.