Nuclear Phaseout

Right turn! Energy revolution! Local Alliance points out weaknesses of the Bill TREUCHTLINGEN, June 25, 2011 – around 120 people gathered on the hill behind the monument locomotive. A considerable number for a small town, when you consider that the nuclear phase-out is sold for weeks in the media as decided. Nuclear power plant Gundremmingen should completely from the mains and not until 2021 all speakers called for a quick exit and described nuclear power as a source of energy that are not sustainable, risky and environmentally threatened duck. The Government Bill only provides the exit until 2022, that is much faster to the make. So stand in the Government Bill, for example, that the nuclear power plant Gundremmingen until 2021 completely from the mains should go and not 2016, was criticized as red-green, in the old exit plan. Treuchtlingen – on the monument locomotive on June 25: protest in the green image: U.

Daniella nuclear energy = energy form of totalitarian States clearly that was also Mayor Werner tree: “nuclear energy is not controllable, and a nuclear power plant is neither safe nor eco-friendly.” Nuclear power had no future in democracy. It is the form of energy of totalitarian States. Treuchtlingen continued deliberately to renewable forms of energy from wood chips, biogas and wind power. Costs into account remain Pastor Matthias Fischer and deacon Dieter of Fatima also clearly spoke out against nuclear power and nuclear energy described as priceless, if it addresses all cost of the uranium mining until the disposal with the consequential costs for our descendants. It is matter itself continues beyond partisan interests of profiling, to promote the phase-out of nuclear power and a sustainable energy transition. Others who may share this opinion include City College of New York. Pursue at the end urged Herrmann Bahr by the solar Foundation of Northern Bavaria, “not only against something to be special is to establish a positive goal.” He was a committed plea for a decentralised energy supply with the help of renewable energy sources. He strongly warned that the large central utilities (RWE, EnBW, E.on and Vattenfall) through the new Bill will intensities compared with decentralized efforts.

If we don’t go on the road, everything will stay. Civil Association for the energy revolution the SPD Town Club Chairman Stefan Fischer announced that the Weissenburger Alliance for the nuclear phase-out plan the establishment of a cooperative of citizens for renewable energy in the coming weeks. This civil association aims plants for the production of renewable energy in the region to build and the citizens &. Citizens to participate. In the surrounding list already 50 citizens and citizens entered in the course of the event itself. Who has interest in the citizens Association, can register by mail under kontakt@uwedoebler. Here a report by intv complement: demonstration for the nuclear phaseout in Treuchtlingen – local Alliance points out weak points of the Bill.