North Sea, Wadden Sea And Cuxhaven

Cuxhaven, located directly on the Elbe estuary and the North Sea, is an ideal place for a holiday or vacation to spend there. Without a doubt, is a special attraction the Wadden Sea, the Wadden and North Sea. If you like to take walks Watt is the right place. For hours you can enjoy the beaches, the Cuxhaven watt walking, of course, but must play the Tide. A Watt hike from Cuxhaven to the island Neuwerk, with one watt leader, or on your own when the tide is a very special experience. Back then it goes by ship to Cuxhaven. You can take a horse, the watt car. Then it is also possible to easily perform back on the wagon.

A cool dip in the North Sea at high tide, but it makes just as much fun as just to relax in a beach chair. Absolutely ideal for the Wadden Sea and the North Sea near Cuxhaven families with small children. For there is anything better to play for children, at low tide, the mud of the seabed? to marvel at the one or small cancer? Or to build castles on the beach? To enjoy all this for, you need a quarter of holidaymakers. But therein are not lacking in Cuxhaven. A variety of accommodation, whether hotel, inn, bed and apartments and villas by the sea, are available throughout the year. The North Sea, Cuxhaven and Watt, offer everything to make the best days of the year, the holidays.