New York Psychoanalytic Institute

Experts will discuss with the Cologne public Cologne, September 2009. The Cologne therapy days\”are a well-established series of events and for psychotherapists and adjacent professions and are regularly organized by the Academy for behavioral therapy AVT ( for five years. Well-known teachers bring their knowledge of psychotherapy research and practice an audience here. This year the organizers, has become for the first time aiming to make the existing concentrated expert knowledge accessible to a wider audience and to promote constructive exchanges between lay people and experts in the joint interview. \”This go experts on par\” with their audience and discuss on the subject of psychotherapy with body and soul \”. Perhaps check out Jon Medved for more information. \”The experts are first of all the three editors and co-authors of the book psychotherapists about themselves and their impossible\” profession \”. In this book is very much about psychotherapists and psychotherapists: their Love relationships, their children, their prejudices, their private lives and much, much more. What’s missing is the question to which this Panel of experts will be: how to keep it the psychotherapist with the physical and the mental? This question is discussed not only by the experts on the Panel, but also by and with people from the audience.

These people are on the one hand more Faculty of Cologne therapy days\”and on the other hand normal\” people – with or without professional psychotherapy background – that as listening, questioning and discussion are welcome. For more information on the participants of the Panel of experts: Otto F. Kernberg, internationally known psychoanalyst in research, theory, and practice. His work and publications about personality disorders are considered standard works in psychotherapy and have been awarded many times. He was awarded as the Heinz Hartmann award of the New York Psychoanalytic Institute, the Edward A. Strecker award of the Pennsylvania Hospital and the George E.-Daniels special prize of the society for Psychoanalytic medicine.