New Year Procedures

On the nose NG, any of us would like to look at the day charming, fresh and youthful as possible. So much for our Russian women became the custom (my personal observation) that they remember about their appearance and skin condition, only threshold of any holidays, anniversaries or other important events. Until then, it is possible to give up on her hand and walk as much … there is! And in this month’s turn came NG. Women are beginning a string of feverishly written in various salons Beauty, who do manicure, haircut who improve, and who to the beautician.

But, here, to improve skin condition does not always happen as easily and quickly, as her hair! A person, especially a mature woman, requires constant care from day to day. Age skin needs to once a month for her course organized specially selected procedures. You say that it is very expensive? I assure you, you are very wrong! If you pay your appearance at least few minutes in the morning and some evening, you do not have to lay out a lot of money before each holiday! But it certainly is if you take care of yourself and do not want your face “hanging” before its time. While I will say that we have in Ryazan prices cosmetic services is much lower than, say, in Moscow. And for the customers to whom I leave the house, I have a special price.

So, back to the fact that each of us wants to achieve as quickly as possible the desired result (that’s me about anti-aging procedures) because of the upcoming holiday or no reason. And in pursuit of “fast youth” or some fall under the surgeon’s knife (well, it is generally extreme) or resort to using botulinum toxin (Boteksa). But this method, but all the known advantages, there are still shortcomings and weight. It’s no secret that the botulinum toxin are nerve poisons, which are capable of exerting adverse effects (double vision, ghosting, ptosis, ptosis of the upper eyelid, wry face, etc.). And sometimes they cause respiratory failure or even heart disorder. In addition, it is necessary every 4-5 months to make repeated injections. Another disadvantage of this method of rejuvenation are pain during the procedure, as well as possible inflammation in the puncture site. It should be noted that the injection of botulinum toxin has a relaxing effect only on the muscle, which introduced the drug. In beauty as the means by which I spend a rejuvenating procedures, working a range of active ingredients, including skin moisturizers and the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and many others this way, the integrated approach in the fight against wrinkles, more properly, since appearance of wrinkles caused not only by facial expressions, but also the histological, physiological and biochemical changes that increase with age. At home in the same room as cosmetology rejuvenation procedures, I Offering: glycolic peels, phonophoresis, as well as facial massage. Naturally, the outcome after such procedures, there is not as fast as after Boteksa, but they have complex effects on the face and neck. By the way, dear ladies, you have more time to bring itself into order, give your skin a fresh new look and throw down a few years, and with health benefits!