New Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Do you know that it is proven that the techniques for weight loss not surgical failing in 80% of cases? Or diets, or acupuncture, reductive massage, exercise, or aesthetic surgery really work so that you eliminate obesity, if you really want to take off all those pounds that you have over the best and only option is surgery for obesity. New and promising to lose weight today surgery is the gastric sleeve and although it has recently carried out, recent investigations have found that their results are excellent and that with this technique you can lose much more weight than with any other obesity surgery. Both gastric banding and gastric sleeve are surgeries that are performed by laparoscopy, this means that it is a minimal invasive surgery and that usually patients leave hospital pro his own foot overnight operation, because the recovery is incredibly fast. If you are interested in knowing how is that patients who are they undergo this surgery lose weight, I have to say that it is since her stomach is reduced to less than a third of its normal size, so patients when wanting to eat are filled more quickly because they have less space to fill. To eat less, they have less calories and lose weight.