More Atmosphere For Small And Large Spaces The New LED Wall Lamp By OBICHUKWU

LED Wall lamp by OBICHUKWU for a warm atmosphere the Ruhr brand OBICHUKWU is followed the suggestions of its customers and sake on LED technology moved to the environment. The energy consumption was 90 per cent also this technique is lowered, free of mercury and other pollutants. The life of the LED Wall lamp is approximately 50,000 hours. The wall lighting is made not only by hand, but manufactured according to customer wishes. They can choose between four different colours and ornaments, as well as three different sizes. The highlight of this LED Wall lamp: while in the off State, it serves as a subtle mural, carved ornaments in a warm light emerge when you turn. The LED Wall lamp proves to be a real all-round talent, because it is a real eye-catcher not only within your own four walls, but also in business premises. Both large and small spaces puts them a warm and at the same time modern accent. The LED Wall lamp can be also vertically or horizontally attached to the wall; the virtually no limits are set for individual design options. The LED Wall lamp is by the way also ideal for small or narrow spaces, because it is particularly space-saving with a width of only 30 centimeters and a depth of 6.5 inches.