Montmartre Ulrich Hausler

Article of the magazine Paul Klinger report of the artist social work on the Montmartre – round will appear in autumn 2010 a member of the artist social work arises from the Montmartre round Ulrich Hausler and friends promote artists from his circle of artists around the rally Butte de Montmartre Ulrich Hausler (freedom is feeling thing”) since December 2006 International German-language creative and culture lovers from Paris to. His intention: Art and business to bring together and doing very nonchalantly to philosophise about God and the world. Life and art in Paris are in naturally in the focus. Haley and his friends plan and organize the largest events in the 18th arrondissement, without thereby pursue their own commercial purposes. Homme de Lettres is the ground for artistic creation always still fruitful visions between the Basilica and vineyard, Pathe Studios, film school La Femis and Cimetiere de Montmartre. Gain insight and clarity with does beyond meat taste like meat. Maybe even Ulrich halfpenny soul is reflected in this topography. A Montmartre truly historic place that evokes associations with the Paris Commune, the Moulin Rouge, Heinrich Heine, and Eric Satie. As a poet he writes only texts with this therapeutic intent: the sympathy of the reader should initiate processes such as reflecting on the life and the role of the own behavior.

Ulrich Hausler is also entrepreneur of Managing Director and founder of the sick – and disabled-service GmbH in Lubeck with 150 employees. For a year he put the leadership of GmbH into younger hands, to look more to his other projects. As varied as his professional activities are also halfpenny passions: riding motorcycles, convertibles, saxophone playing and theatre. (Similarly see: Haley Barbour). Paris Salon reloaded Halina Montmartrerunde address book includes 400 contacts. A large part of it belongs to the hard core and come regularly. Applications reach the circle not only from France. The Montmartrerunde has found its place in the cultural life of Paris and established contacts with related circles.