Mirena Doctor

Long wait did not, went back to District consultation. The doctor looked at me and says: "I would like to advise you to put" mirena, it will dry your hyperplasia, and all sorts of problems with fibroids and cysts will not be! "I say, what about my cyst in left ovary? So do the surgery, and then put a spiral. I came home, looked in the internet comments about this "miracle" of gynecology, they did not like me, honestly, and the price (10.000 USD). Frankly "delighted". The main thing is that the Mirena can approach to your body, but can not, and what do you do? Get back? In general, treatment has not appointed any gynecologist, I go on, month after surgery there again, week two, I'm in counseling, the doctor said must be drink hormones to cause .

5-7 days shew on ultrasound. Beginning to drink these pills, abdominal pain – untold! Then come monthly, so different! I will not talk long as the blood poured out of me for three days! Up to 5-7 days, I did not wait, find another doctor, very expensive, the highest category, the candidate honey. Sciences, went to her appointment, made by U.S., was a 4 day period. RESULT: the trouble with the endometrium, again terrible hyperplasia, cysts in both ovaries, where the left has become much more than it was! The doctor says we have two ways, either in the hospital for cleaning, or we will try to be treated conservatively, which means to prick pricks, uterus-contracting and hemostatic. To read more click here: josh harris 76ers.