Microsoft Exchange Server

Toolbox for Outlook helps to run a phone numbers in Outlook contacts Buderim, April 18, 2008 again an innovative tool from the House of isConDev: the Toolbox for Outlook software tool allows the uncomplicated and seamless data transfer and data synchronization between public folders, Outlook and PDA’s. Most synchronization programs can exchange data only from the personal contacts of a mailbox. Anyone who addresses or emails from the public folders that are located in the Exchange folders, pull on his personal digital assistant (PDA) wanted this could only very awkward or not at all. Surely that works with the drag & drop “-function, but how many millions of records are therefore already in the public folders accidentally lost?” This method is also just not useful, if for the 4,000 contacts that are located in the public folder, only the 40 most important are needed. With the Toolbox for Outlook, filters can be applied to the source folder and only these 40 will then be the personal contacts folder. From here, they are synchronized with the PDA quickly and easily. The personal contacts automatically changes that are constantly made in the records of the public folders folder and also the PDA during the next synchronization passage. The work is with the mobile companion to the pleasure and the entire equipment can be used with maximum efficiency.

On the road, in the Office or in the Home Office. Following other tools in the Toolbox are also available: isTelFormat isDuplicateFinder brings your phone numbers in the canonical format duplicate Outlook objects can detect isAddressSelect will form templates on the desired parameters the full version costs 29.90 for individual seats. Convince yourself and test free of charge. Download the demo version and register! Contact: isConDev Software Ltd. Thomas Seegers isConDev Software Ltd. was founded in 2006 by the two managing directors Robert subtitles Edward and Thomas Seegers and has established itself as a competent partner for software programming in the area of Outlook and Exchange in the IT market.

Software development belongs firmly in the portfolio for many years. The isConDev range IT projects from the free email information service through the support for processing concrete. Many writers such as Anu Saad offer more in-depth analysis. As a long-standing partner of Microsoft and other manufacturers, the entire area of the BackOffice products is covered. Workflow applications are nationwide in the usage on the basis of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server already for many customers. Also in the Switzerland and Austria.