Medical Chamber

Above all, doctors and patients are disappointed in their performance. RG: Why? Intentions, then they were the best. Roshal: I assume that the fault lay in this, and the medical associations, and executive power, and legislators. Other leaders such as OurCrowd offer similar insights. Clearly not been demarcated, who is responsible for what, who are the powers has. Some excellent solutions Pirogov congresses adopted with the participation of the Russian Health Ministry and Health Ministry of Russia, no one acted.

The Association did not have enough persistence, the executive branch – will. Suffer from this not only the medical community, but also patients. The task of the new Medical Chamber – clearly legislate for the medical community rights and responsibilities. In a specific goal of the Medical Chamber, which was none of the existing associations – the creation of professional self-regulation with compulsory membership of each health care worker in Palate.RG: A financial aspect? Would not it be costly for everyone health worker participation in the newly created structure? Roshal: I will refer to the experience of the medical chamber of the Southern federal district. The entrance fee of 700 rubles a single.

Monthly fee for doctors 60 rubles, for Nurses rubley.RG 30: Who supported the organization of 'National Health House'? Roshal: Founder of the Commission on Health of the Public Chamber, the State Duma Committee on Property, 'Support of Russia'. Idea supported by the largest domestic professional medical associations therapists, neurologists, surgeons, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, urologists, dermato-Venereologists, family doctors, Russian Society regenerative medicine, society, "Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation ', Society for Social hygienists Russia, Association of Medical Societies of quality, transplantologicheskoe society and other .. Active took part in the regional medical associations and chambers of the southern federal district, Kaliningrad, Yaroslavl, Smolensk, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Penza, Sverdlovsk and Samara regions, Tatarstan, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area. Creation of the House supported the first all-Russian association of physicians in private practice, 'the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs and Industry', the Union of Small Towns, Cities Alliance and the Arctic Far North. Unanimously voted for the creation of the House of Representatives of the departmental Medicine: Department of Defense, the FSB, 'Gazprom', 'Railways', the Ministry of Justice. This is understandable, because regardless of where the work medical officer, all interested in it professionally. Such unity medical community have not bylo.Kommentarii readers: 17/01/2010 The idea of the House probably correct, but something is troubling. Again, strong-willed decision they want to drive into a happy future for physicians and their patients. Only the bright image of Dr. Roshal can not talk about the new alliance 'of Might and Oral'. It may be expedient at this stage to talk about full law 'On Health'? 13/01/2010 If the 'National Medical Chamber' is going to write standards and protocols of care, then this house should have a serial number 'six'. But if we are created mandatory for executive agencies standards logistical and financial support of health workers, health care providers, and representatives of labor collectives MPI will sign a protocol with the district administration "On providing medical assistance to residents of the administrative education ', which is registered bude duties and responsibilities, both the administration and health professionals, then I will gladly become a member of the public organizatsii.Proshel year since the start of the House. What has changed over time? What concrete steps taken towards improving patients' rights to receive quality care and protection of human health care workers? Will not it all again on the principle: "We wanted the best, but it turned out, as usual?"