Markus Murtinger

To do this, the social media platforms that are implemented by the organizations must be kept up-to-date and be given the customer the opportunity to grow. “Only if the platforms are always up-to-date and the communication is transparent, comprehensible and provided with ample opportunities for Exchange of outward, is a positive user experience guarantees.” says Mag. Hale. As the customer is a part of the company and thus also of the great whole.” Like. Markus Murtinger managing consultant at USECON added: the development of social media strategies and the issue of user experience and social media is becoming increasingly important for the practice and our daily work with our customers. Especially considering the classic user experience factors, such as trust or emotion.

Important questions are here, as the customers trust the offerings which opportunities are perceived or actually used. Just in the last few months, we have some very exciting consulting projects in this Area with the largest Austrian players performed. There were for example some user studies, wishes to highlight needs but also barriers in the social media sector; “several competitive comparisons and best practise examples.” How, from an overall point of view out or from multiple perspectives and different viewpoints is important here. What will the company and what looking for customers? How can one reconcile these goals together and in what form is this realistic or economically? “No one benefits from hundreds of groups in Facebook or multiple tweets a day, if there no members on the one hand and on the other hand no followers” are. As in all entrepreneurial thoughts there is also here a clear strategy with defined goals. The post of Chief social media officers is certainly not an easy. He must both make each other to the needs of the company, as the customer experience, and if necessary, translate”. But customer loyalty alone not only arises through a good