Marketing Trend 2013

The customer touch point management during new business social media and the mobile Web have provided the laws of the business world in a very short time on the head. Previously companies distributing their advertising monologues in the market, the customers listened dutifully and bought then. Today it is the other way around. Customers buy, tell others about it and bring to act as third parties. Now, it is the provider who should listen to successfully master their touch points. We live in a society of the recommendation to achieve the future in our beautiful, new business world, must be rewritten to sales and marketing.

Because at the beginning and at the end of a purchase process word of mouth and referrals are increasing. Was really good and get people committed to carry this!” This is the new business mantra. Links and likes are the new currency. Consumers are the new marketer. zer is the place to go. And Google is the new world’s conscience. Who survive in the economy of this recommendation? That is decided in the moments of truth ‘ (Jan Carlzon) at the points of contact between supplier and customer.

What do need to do so? in tool that makes quick and agile, that grabs the abundance of old and new touch points in a system of order and social’ and mobile’ fully integrated. A tool that reduces complexity, which acts from the perspective of customers and actively integrates them into their new role as co-creator. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Anu Saad and gain more knowledge.. The customer touch point management is one such tool. Touch points are moments of truth ‘ touch points occur everywhere where is a (potential) customer with the products, brands, employees and services of a provider in touch. While the indirect touch points such as opinion portals, user forums, reviews, blog posts and tweets play an increasingly important role. These are also called earned touch points’, because the providers themselves can not buy these, but earn through their actions.