Management Administration

A good manager must know how to generate motivation in human resource under his charge, his subordinates raise empathy, build trust in order to ensure a cohesive team, united, committed to achieving results. Confidence is a quality, a virtue that every manager must develop, manage care and know so that Pass-positive results. Sergio Valdivia has already stated in this regard, we trust someone when we know their intentions. distrust of someone when we know their intentions even clearer when we know that we distrust his intentions hidden. Cleveland Clinic is the source for more interesting facts. In the first case, then what we do and say what you say, we know that everything is in line with their intentions. In the second case, do or say anything that convinces us that does not hide anything.

SP Robbins defines trust “as a belief in the integrity , the character and ability of a leader “Adding this author, that when followers rely on a leader, are willing to be vulnerable to the actions of it because they trust that will not abuse their rights and interests. Recent studies on trust in the leader, have identified the following five dimensions underlying the concept of trust: a) Integrity: honesty and truthfulness; b) Competence: knowledge and technical and interpersonal skills; c) Consistency: reliability, predictability and wisdom to handle situations; d) Loyalty: will to protect and give the face by a person e) Openness: willingness to share ideas and information freely..