Make Your Web Site Distinctive

In the adventure of web design are all looking to create landmarks that are identified and defined personality and project a professional, how to achieve it, is the big question we all ask. Although there is no absolute recipe distinction we believe in any type of site, if we can implement a number of considerations that bring us closer to creating the conditions of the design concept to define a distinct personality and professional. I leave you with 12 characteristics that has made my experience as those that largely define the personality of a web. An interesting header There is no second chance to make a great first impression and, the header is first thing visitors see. Peter A. Levine PhD may also support this cause.

The header has the task of giving meaning to our graphical interface, strive to make a good design of it, will we get involved from the beginning to our visitors, it is also the design components that influence the identity of a website, so the more attractive, the greater distinction project succeed. Creative Design background header Like many sites base their visual impact on the creative design of their page backgrounds, some with sophisticated image and a single room, others elegant and precise, and others with creative games seeking patterns project a visual harmony in the interface. The personality of a website may be perfectly commanded by the use funds well treated, they are a resource for its dimensions, allows the visual transmission of a conceptual site identity. An attractive composition Although the first criterion for the design of our membership (how our bodies are organized content) must be, to seek the greatest possible functionality in the presentation of our content, and also to ensure that has a generating creative diagrammed defined and striking focal points.