The eyebrows are the frame of the glance, can make our greater, smaller eye, more fallen or even more rising,Because they are so important at the time of making up to us? today we are going to dedicate step by step to learn to remove to party to your eyebrows important to maquillarte the eyebrow is that you apply little product so that the result is natural, always makes up in the same direction of the growth of the hair, as if outside a hair more than you are making up. If you put too much product or you use a very dark color with respect to the color of your eyebrows, you will harden the glance, for that reason I recommend to you to use very little at the outset and to be raising the tone. Even so, if you have put much product, the best way to reduce it is with a rod, smoothly rubs on the eyebrow and thus difumnalo easily. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. When making up the eyebrows, you can cover small bald spots that you can have or clearer hair, also you can curves intensify them of the eyebrow or to extend it, the eyebrow is the frame of the glance, for that reason it is important to make up it when you are going to realise a complete maquillaje. To see But – To be Handsome automaquillaje, is fundamental that you fulfill the three stages of the taken care of daily routine of of the skin: cleaning, tonificacin and humidifying with products adapted to your type of Many women end up making up itself always equal, losing the interest to make up itself because they do not know how to change of maquillaje. But before beginning with this skin. Now yes, list for maquillarte!