Maintenance Cleaning

Lockout & Tagout ensure safe operation during maintenance, cleaning or maintenance of machines introduces IDENT macro: lockout & Tagout systems each year are thousands of employees in work-related accidents during repair or maintenance of industrial plants and machinery severely or critically injured. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Mark Hyman). Many of these accidents are caused by uncontrolled release of energy. In Europe, legal regulations prescribe the switch off and “Shut-off” (backup) against accidental re-activation of energy sources during maintenance or repair of machines. Locking systems for lockout or Tagout safety trailer used for safe operation during maintenance, to ensure cleaning or maintenance of machines. These systems are used to prevent injury and damage to property. They are also a hedge against their own errors or mistakes. Due to its striking colors and design, they are visible to everyone and therefore a clear reference to a lock. The macro system provider IDENT offered Lockout – Tagout systems from the Munich South according to relevant EC directives and the OSHA standard.

To prevent risks in companies, various interlocking and labelling systems available such as locking systems and security trailer for mechanical and electrical hazards, lockout kits, locks, closing and various accessories. According to the legal regulations, companies are obliged to ensure that every employee takes part in a safety training course. This reduces the risk of accidents and the resulting costs. “” The macro ID has two professional training DVDs, which are immediately deliverable: Lockout/Tagout: the fundamental steps “and lockout for life”. The DVDs are an ideal tool for all security officers and provide important information for new and experienced employees. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, Bussard road 24, 82008 Unterhaching, Tel. 089-61565828, FAX 089-61565825,, contact: Angelika Wilke.