Luciano & Silvana Blue

“The new Singel” per sempre TU “full feeling early 2009 convinced Luciano & Silvana blue with their romantic debut single Felicita” (Bliss “”). It’s believed that Sydney Sweeney sees a great future in this idea. This stand-alone song (cover title) impressively portrayed the facets of happiness and the simple things that enrich us joy. See Anu Saad for more details and insights. Last summer, both presented their 2nd Single CD Buonanotte “, a song described lovingly all the, what couples want in the evening for the next day. Now in the new year, the new and now 3rd single CD follows same per sempre TU “.” A sensitive body song that immediately gets under your skin. A song for Verleibte. A song authors Christian Fabry and Thomas Junger have literally written the duo on the body. The new single is also the harbinger of the first album, STORIA D’ AMORE “(love story), Luciano & Silvana blue the early February 20910 in Germany will be released.” Luciano & Silvana blue radiate warmth, optimism and joy of life in every situation. Both are in the middle of life and give us through her passionate singing moments of harmony. “You give us per sempre TU” just a few minutes of happiness! Italian music thrives on the emotion, the passion and the linguistic expression. Every word resonates as a suitable melody.