Log Houses: Features Of A Building Material

If you want to build a country house, the house would be a good choice of laminated veneer lumber. Log houses – a perfect combination of beauty, grace, strength, reliability and comfort. Credit: cardiologist-2011. Construction of houses from this material – an excellent investment. Glued laminated timber, as well as houses from glued beams began its spread from the northern European countries. Today, the percentage of the construction of houses from glued beams in Russia is approaching European indices. Under most conditions Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. would agree.

This is primarily due to the availability of material for laminated veneer lumber. Secondarily to the development of technologies for wood processing. And third, build houses from glued beams is quite simple. All These advantages are obtained due to the peculiarities of the production of building materials as laminated veneer lumber. Due to the wide dissemination of solid wood throughout Russia, procurement of material and construction can be carried out throughout the territory.

On the quality of material is best glued timber from Siberian tree species on material costs from the Kirov forest. The distinction between these materials is to color, texture and durability of wood. Log houses mostly built of pine. Selection of material and its provider is carried out on the stage of designing the house. In developing the draft prescribes every small detail numbered. After delivery of the stock laminated veneer lumber at the construction site begins assembling houses from glued beams. The assembly is held in strict accordance with the project, according to the numbering of parts. After graduating from erection of walls, erecting a roof, then hold the inner workings of the installation of necessary engineering systems: heating, heating, electrical system. After this you can already be occupied, because the house from glued beams do not give shrinkage, in contrast to houses from other materials.