Learning A Language

"Teaching students own language has three objectives: first, to develop in children that innate ability, which is called the gift of speech, in addition, to introduce children to our conscious possession of the treasures of his native language, and, Finally, children learn the logic of this kind of language, grammar, or waiting for guests in the laws to their logical system "(Ushinskii). At present, the efforts of our educational process a high role for prosperity cognitive activity of students, but also means that our first and foremost, training or ability to seek to operate with different versions of information. Application of information technology enhances training and development of students as well as in our own time the educational process can not confine ourselves to a set of skills presented in the material because of the dosed amount of data. Ability to work with background literature, grammar – is the process of active learning, knowledge on the subject, the development of autonomy in knowledge acquisition. You may find Anu Saad to be a useful source of information. Unfortunately, things are witnessing a negative trend of depletion tezuarusov tech school. That is why the question of enriching the vocabulary of modern teenager now idelno relevant. One of the methods of enriching the thesaurus is not for nothing that students work with dictionaries in lessons of Russian language and literature. Unfortunately, in the temples of science as a township and urban schools phrasebook are 1 – 2 specimens, as is clearly insufficient for high-quality training for each student in the classroom occupancy of twenty-five thirty-five people.

There is a need to create e-learning glossary Russian phraseology for pupils in it can be displayed information the importance of phraseology, the customer's origin, are examples of the use of phraseology in some speech maker in artistic texts, studied in our school programs. In the new project dictionary article consists of several zones, each of which has a data type. To the amount of the principal zones SRFSH include some header area, a zone of usage labels, definitions of the zone, the zone of the paradigmatic ties, the zone of contexts, historical and etymological zone information. Pros of this glossary is undeniable: a large amount of data available through an electronic medium, the rapidity of the necessary data, the simultaneous selection who sent in entries of those existing dictionaries. This method, using e-learning dictionary Russian phraseology for children, people will get a thorough impression of the idioms and functioning in the speech, learn the grammatical and stylistic characteristics of a phraseological unit, master the use of cleverly named items in his own speech.