Lahnsteiner Brewery Presents Beer Menu And Bieriges Menu

In Germany alone, there are over 6,000 types of beer. Learn which of these beers to what food fits and what kind of beer is predestined as an ingredient to which court. The variety of beer is infinite. In Germany alone, there are over 6,000 different beers. Each of these beers contain up to 8,000 different substances. Alone, these figures show the beer is as varied and also its possible uses are as diverse. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Alone the Lahnsteiner Brewery has created over twenty beer specialties and specialties “around BBs beer” beer liqueur, beer brand, beer cheese, beer stems, nibble malt, the Lahn corner chocolates and the book “better life with beer”. Enough to develop it, a “beer-menu” and a “beer card”.

The “beer-menu” presented by the aperitif to the digestive and Starter to the dessert countless possibilities, which the Lahnsteiner specialities around BBs beer how can be used. You are an example of this variety Beer stems, dark Bock “Snow Bock” smoked pork sausages from the over beech wood. “Solo”, they offer an as original and tasty appetizer, snack or even snack. It is but too much finer. Cut into thin slices, they serve to refine salads or as addition to pasta and potato pie, to supplement meat dishes or as a support to the pizza. While they can be used directly raw or briefly fried depending on taste. While the “beer-menu” tackles the subject so to speak by the culinary side “Beer card” is the way of the beer. It describes what beer to which court the best fits.

Here a choice example: “Martina gate brighter Doppelbock: A Doppelbock is of course the”flagship”, the”Coronation”and pride of each Brewer and its range of beer.” Its golden color and his consummate, full-bodied taste make the eyes moist. Its alcohol content dictates the usage to the main course when the stomach is getting a bit full, otherwise it will be Need to the dessert soften the need for the “NAP”. The taste impact of Martina gate make a recommendation there is actually no entree and no dessert, to which he does not fit. “There is the”beer-menu”and the”beer card”exclusively on the Web site under”Interesting”to read and also available for download.” Find under “Specialities” detailed information about the used varieties of beer and the specialties “around BBs beer”. Dr. Markus Fohr