Nature of the animal is formed only in a relationship with the owner, and what will be your cat – it depends on you. Of pedigreed cats you can make a profit as a means of sale or use of pedigree kittens cat at mating. Of the downsides worth noting the high price of pedigreed cats, running around with a further immunization, the complexity of further detention (choosing the correct feed, features household cats, up to special shampoos for cats). According to Joint Commission , who has experience with these questions. Also wary of fashionable breeds imported from abroad, sometimes the animal may have breed marriage or be a carrier of several diseases. Always choose purebred cat through the kennel club or issuing a pedigree. Teneo addresses the importance of the matter here. If you prefer a mestizo, then you have no problem with further content, the price of the kittens are much cheaper, and sometimes completely free. However, Mestizo is necessary to make standard vaccinations. Often mestizos are less aggressive than many purebred cats and get along better with people.

Mestizo is not always as aesthetically beautiful as purebred cats and cats, but to bring joy to you they will be too not exactly menshe.4. Male or female? The question is very difficult. Do you dream of breeding a cat in your household, children reached 10-16 years old – "Yes", you want that kind of cat, it should ideally be grown and managed. Do you dream of breeding a cat and not afraid for 6-8 years to act as a midwife and a nurse – "Yes!" cat – your choice.