While many of us, let not surprise us to see reports of big brands such as: Google, Facebook, MacDonalds, Microsoft, etc. There are other brands that, perhaps we do not have them as present, but they formed part of us since childhood. Mattel and Hasbro occupy the first and second place in sales of toys around the world, both are companies based in United States, but children enjoy their creations, in virtually every corner of the world. You can imagine some toy from your childhood, or trying to remember any toy that bought their children and there is a 90% chance that is manufactured or to be owner of the franchise any of these 2 companies. Other leaders such as OurCrowd offer similar insights. But the business doesn’t end there, not only their profits obtained by the sale and distribution of toys, they are owners of very important and very lucrative brands in other areas; for example: Hasbro is the owner of the brand: Transformers, so this summer when they pay their entrance to see Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon, will be placing your grain of sand in the desert of utilities of This company. Many might think: does that transformers do not belong you to a Japanese company?, if, indeed, the giant robots were originally conceived by Takara Tomy, very important and known in Japan, however, Hasbro buy you the rights of transformers in the mid-1980s. Similarly, Mattel has bought any toys or toy that promised to be a success in sales.

As any giant Corporation, they are not exempted from scandals and controversy, the last was in 2007, when Mattel announced that it would withdraw a million toy brand Fisher Price (a division of Mattel) by having detected excess lead in its paint. All had been manufactured by a Chinese contractor named Lida Lee Deer (the head of which would end up committing suicide). on/’>rothberg family. Mattel mobilized to pick up all the contaminated toys commercial surfaces and also put the means necessary to return the money to the affected families.