IBM Server

CADAC the netprofiler a generation of servers with 3 years warranty starts with a new server set from ONE Microsystems. With ONE 100, CADAC offers its customers an efficient and cost-effective alternative to the products previously sold by E.g. Sun/Oracle and IBM servers. In addition to similar or even better performance information new order via the online portal includes a 3 year NBD warranty free of charge. In addition, all ONE server with the product assurance procedures BeLegal are delivered. This fully protects against counterfeits and allows the automatic triggering of a service request by simply photographing of the BeLegal code on the machine with any commercially available smartphone by sending the server details via mobile network or Wi-Fi. This is unique and has the advantage that this no longer must deal in warranty with the search after delivery notes, invoices, contacts and service numbers for customers and others.

Each customer can the authenticity of the server online on the page verify by entering the code BeLegal. It is easy and sure before purchasing protected from plagiarism. That the new server priced are lower than those of the established manufacturers, is last but not least ONE Microsystems partner status by CADAC as Platinum. At launch, CADAC offers each “tipster” through its online portal a bar Commission i.H.v. 4% on the sale price. Safe for many a welcome incentive to look this new server once closely. Marc Weidemann CADAC GmbH & co.