Human Dignity

and when it happens, it is because some of the actors, particularly the local people affected or assume that the situation requires assistance and urgent support, giving this usually when the violence exerted on the taxable person or persons of the same, has reached very high levels of cruelty and abuse. – Contribute to the transformation of social and cultural conditions in which family violence occurs, from a gender perspective, comprehensive and multidisciplinary firmly geared to prevent it. – Provide families living these situations, the necessary elements to put into practice human relations equitable, democratic and fair. such as social support, counseling, advice, training courses (which should be directed to the victims and interested in this problem, comprising the entire social spectrum as police, health, education, justice, churches, public agencies, etc.., so that in each locality is specialized personnel are trained to approach the issue in your community), free legal representation, etc., covering a determined and sustained by different media, and consequently the victims know the legal remedies available to them for tackling the problem in comment, gradually achieving the recovery of their self-esteem, with the reception of individual cases, visits to private homes and social monitoring to contain current situations, achieving a comprehensive understanding and subsequent monitoring of each individual case in the different areas.

To strengthen education at all levels of teaching ethical values, the unrestricted respect for human dignity and rights of women, children, adolescent and family in accordance with the state constitution and international instruments ratified by Peru.