Hospital Federation

A clear break showed cooperates with hygiene officers in recent years in the hospital scene in Duisburg hospital cleaning. In addition to the privatization of a number of hospitals were also some larger hospital collaborations. On April 1, an additional clinic Association in Duisburg is on the plan, namely the acquisition of St. Joseph Hospital in Krefeld-Uerdingen by the Maltese St. Anna GmbH. The hospital cleaning is an important factor to support a hospital network. Through a network of clinic, newly tuned hygiene plans, created new departments, and including personnel and material to the hospital cleaning redistributed. With the commissioning of a professional hospital cleaning, as it offers the, clinic consortia can optimize the logistical measures to implement new hygiene plans.

Benefits of professional cleaning of the hospital for a clinic network through a network of clinic are departments restructured, expanded and integrated new departments. Through a merger of hospitals and Also the existing hygiene plans must be adapted to hospitals. These are essential to ensuring the health of patients, staff and visitors. Also, there are also sensitive areas in a clinic or Hospital Federation like birth and intensive care units, where in particular the hospital cleaning for the implementation of strict hygiene regulations is responsible when it comes to the cleaning of medical equipment and facilities. Know-how, competence and reliability is needed here. It offers a professional hospital cleaning, which brings the knowledge in addition to the trained personnel, when it comes to on-time and reliable implementation of hygiene rules. Hospital cleaning: Hand in hand with the hygiene officer for the implementation of strict hygiene regulations in the field of the professional cleaning of hospital is a competent contact person, working hand in hand with the hygiene officer of the clinic consortia Kruger & Kruger facility services GmbH. Benefiting clinics and hospitals also by the vote of individual cleaning concepts, so that for all cleaning services the clinic and hospital life can proceed smoothly.