History Of Rock Music

Birthplace of rock can be considered America. It is in this country we owe the birth of the direction of music. The main cause of contribute to the development of rock is a large flow of immigrants pouring into America in the 17-18 century. The emigrants took with them not only the culture of their countries but also traditional instruments and folklore. Even negros who were imported as slaves were able to preserve the culture of song and dance of his people. During the next two hundred years, two Culture densely intersecting absorbed all the best and gave rise to such trends in music like jazz, swing, blues. Over time, the blues evolved into a rhythm and blues and after a rock-and-roll. The first time rock-and-roll music was for blacks and white audience interested enough.

But after World War ii, everything changes, new social group – teenagers. They buy up all the plates rock performers. Begins endemic rock-and-roll craze. Many black performers stand in a line with the best white musicians of the time. In 60 years there is a new revolution, Chubby Chukker invited everyone to dance to the music of rock. Species appear rock-and-roll like motown born from the heart of the car. Rock already at the top of the popularity of the charts.

Americans go crazy for Mary Wells and Stevie Wonder. Perhaps the main event in the history of rock music is considered to be the creation of The Beatles. Four young men formed a group which to become a cult at the time. They changed the hearts of millions of Americans and billions of people around the world. Period of 60 years is the period of unchallenged rule of the Beatles. Thousands of fans greeted them at concerts. Rock develops. There is such a direction as progressive rock, this rock is designed more for listening than for dancing. The musicians of this orientation is usually characterized by rich sound, drama. Often on interventions used a variety of lighting effects. Other areas of rock which rely more on the incredible speed of the game and technique in long improvisations called heavy metal. In such music the leading party usually plays electric guitar. Another trend was punk rock, more straightforward and eccentric than its counterparts. But no less hard and interesting. A distinctive feature is the shocking appearance of musicians. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Glenn Dubin, New York City has to say. In America enjoys stunning popularity. Continuously arranged all sorts of punk subculture. Now the most popular and heavier music. Such as metal and hard rock.