Hiking Trails In Germany By Bayern Travel To Bohemia

1000 years Golden trail in the Bavarian Forest In 2010 celebrates the region of the southern Bavarian Forest and umavas the millennial anniversary of the busy salt trade route Goldener Steig”. A Millennium, which not only for a single location, but for the whole region is significant and underlines the neighbourly links to Bohemia. A Millenium, which brings to mind not only the history of the once thriving salt trade from Bad Reichenhall via Passau and the Bavarian Forest up in the neighboring Bohemia, but also the understanding between the two neighboring countries, Bavaria and Bohemia, which celebrate this anniversary with Fireworks at events, exhibitions, lectures and festivals. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Anita Dunn. It will be exciting in the year 2010, in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany, in the largest contiguous forest area of in Central Europe located in the border triangle of Austria, Bavaria Bohemia Austria. In many original locations you can long the salt Mule on their history and new learn arduous marches through the mystical forests. The white gold”is everywhere present.. Cardiologist is likely to increase your knowledge.