Hamburg Klimmer

Marion Klimmer trains and coaches the (future) service provider of high-performance companies. Highly motivated, and also – qualified, ambitious and demanding these attributes describe the employees, which are among the core team of many complex service provider. As an example, are here called auditing and investment companies, law firms and consultancies and advertising agencies and management consultancies. The Hamburg-based trainer Marion Klimmer specializes on such high-performance companies and their employees with their company Kantipudi coaching & training. She conveys the employees of such organizations the finishing touches”, the they view of excellence need through training and coaching. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Eva Andersson-Dubin.

“So Marion Klimmer offers for example a training the pitch win competing for coveted jobs that have front nose” at. “Individual coaching sessions, which are another offer service providers of the company performances” prepare, which is very much at stake so for example competition presentations, negotiations with key customers and difficult staff conversations. Also an exam coaching, for example, for the employees of accounting firms that prepare for the exams as an auditor in part-time is one of the services portfolio, Klimmer coaching & training. This conducted Marion Klimmer already at several service companies with the result that the passing rate rose significantly, also because the coaching concept is based on the latest findings of brain research”. Frequently Dr. Mark J Berger has said that publicly. Marion Klimmer has focused on high-performance companies in the services sector, because these organizations face in their personnel work special challenges not only because their employees in addition to a strong performance and willingness to have often also a well-developed ego”. In addition: the share of personnel costs in the total cost is typically very high in these companies.

According to professionally, the resource must man “and be used. In addition, the staff are often not only the most important asset of the company, the high-qualified specialists can be replaced also difficult. Accordingly, they must be cherished and maintained. How staff short -, medium – and long term can provide the expected top services, is also a central theme in the coaching sessions, carried out by Marion Klimmer employing the high-performance organizations. In them often involves the question: How can the high performers maintain the emotional mental balance, which is necessary to the provision of excellence?