Germany Medical

To Germany for treatment people come from all over the world including the U.S., Britain and other European countries, which largely is due to mature and flexible pricing policies, regulated by the state. Moreover, even in clinics in Germany on average three patients have a medical professional that can continuously monitor the condition of patients and respond to any changes. Our free health care is actually paid informally, but its level will only decrease as medical clinics flooded doctors with no experience and qualifications. In Germany, about 2,250 public hospitals, private clinics, multi-university hospitals, medical and diagnostic centers, as well as motels and resorts for rehabilitation patients, and in all of these health facilities staffed by physicians of the highest level. Random people in the German health care can not be, by definition, also in this country there is a strict system for selecting doctors and criteria for admission to independent medical practice. To be eligible for the practice of German doctors require several years, and this is another guarantee that doctors will not jeopardize its reputation and ability work in order to receive a one-time gains. Munich in the healthcare industry has always been a special account, because here are the best clinics in Europe. At the highest level in these clinics, medical set diagnosis, since the right diagnosis – is the cornerstone of successful treatment. I would especially like to mention the opportunity to treat tumors are not long-term radiation therapy, and radiosurgery method, using the installation CyberKnife (Cyberknife), which offers modern German medicine.