French Police

Another one managed to escape and is being looked for by the security forces. They were shortages by the proprietors of the vehicle. The arrest took place in the region of the Dordoa. The French Police has stopped east Wednesday at night in the region of the Dordoa (the center-south of France) to a presumed member of terrorist band ETA, whereas another one would have managed to flee. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Anu Saad by clicking through. Both tried to rob a car in a field house, according to have informed sources into the antiterrorist fight. The presumed terrorists were shortages by the proprietors of the vehicle, who warned the authorities. The identity of the prisoner has still not been facilitated. The forces of French security have mounted an ample device to try to locate to the person flight.

According to the same sources, at the time of the halting a struggle between the French prisoner and agents took place. The arrested one, that was identified like member of ETA, has been transferred to police dependencies. Less robberies Sources of the antiterrorist fight noticed to that the last data offered by France they indicated a reduction in the robbery of vehicles given to the band in Gallic territory. In fact, in the last month only consisted the appearance of a robbed car, that appeared burned, practical habitual of the terrorists when they want to come off itself the vehicle without leaving tests. This new operation also takes place only 12 days after the arrest of the terrorist Iaki Atxalandabaso, that was stopped in the French region of Chambery when it was in a train coming from Turin. It carried numerous electronic equipment for the preparation of explosive devices. Source of the news: Stopped a presumed ETA member in France when it tried to rob a car