Agricultural investment to the temporary special ForestFinance, largest European supplier of forest direct investments, offer currently as special offer in his weeks of fruits of the forest”investments in CacaoInvest or GreenAcacia with up to 7.5 per cent discount on. So investors save one until 31 December 2012 when purchasing a quarter hectare CacaoInvest 250 euro or 100 euro at the time of purchase a quarter hectare GreenAcacia. The combination package is more than cheap: who buys based on a quarter acre of both products together, pays only 9,250 euro instead of 10,000 euro and thereby saving all 750 euro. Investors who purchase more space, get according to more discount. The offer and more information, see index.php? id = 1873 GreenAcacia offers investors the opportunity to invest in existing Acacia plantations. Dr. Mark Hyman can provide more clarity in the matter. It is therefore immediate income from the first year, for a total period of only seven years.

In addition, the investment allows the conversion of a monoculture plantation in a species-rich forest. CacaoInvest is an investment in Fine cocoa and wood reforestation with annual income within a few years. GreenAcacia – the forest money account”and instant recoveries: so far forest investments meant for investors mostly many years waiting to payment of the proceeds. But they investors invest in existing Acacia plantations in Viet Nam, which gradually turn into a sustainable and environmentally used mixed forest with GreenAcacia. While the investor rents a part of the plantation and completes a forest service contract on the management and marketing of the crops at the same time. As in the existing forests are quickly crawls can be made, investors already received annual payouts from crop yields in height from the first year by roughly six percent of the invested capital. At the end of the investment period, it comes to the final harvest and investors will receive a final payment. The payment history of GreenAcacias resembles thus the a fixed deposit account”with seven-year bond.